About Us

Welcome to Housely Store, where home is not just a place; it's a feeling of comfort, style, and care. 
Our story begins with the shared experience of two young adults who were filled with excitement when they purchased their first houses. Like many, we were filled with dreams of creating beautiful, welcoming spaces. However, we soon found ourselves faced with a challenge: What exactly should we buy to turn our houses into homes?
Our journey to transform our houses into homes led us on a quest to find the perfect products – those that would infuse comfort, style, and functionality into every corner of our living spaces. We scoured stores, researched tirelessly, and discovered that there was a need for a place where one could find all the essentials to create a cozy and inviting home.
It was out of this shared desire to offer solutions and help others on their home transformation journey that HouseLy Store was born. We wanted to create a space where everyone could find the comfort, high-quality, stylish products that had made such a difference in our own lives.